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PMP Certification Training (PMBOK 6) 

Before telling you about PMP Certification it we will be useful to know the role of a Project Manager in any industry and how to become one .

1. What is the role of a Project Manager?

A Project Manager is a professional responsible for managing a project, operations, or product from the beginning to the end. The Project Manager takes care of initiation, design, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and commissioning or delivery of a project. The work is purely operations management in nature, however, it is often seen that project management is assigned to a team member and may work on the project directly too. 

2. How do you become a Project Manager?

Project management is another step into managing operations and production in a project. A Bachelor's degree in business administration or relevant technical field like computer science, civil engineering, marketing, etc is sufficient with a few years of experience in operations or production. However, it is recommended to have at PMP Certification at least to become a project manager. Also, Master's degree in project management, product management, business administration, or any relevant targeted field is the best option to get a project manager job.

3. How much does a non-certfied  Project Manager earn every year?

On an average, Project Managers earn about INR 12-14 lakhs per year. However, the exact figures vary widely based on industry and experience. For instance, entry-level Project Managers start at around INR 7-8 lakhs per year, while an experienced Project Manager in IT sector with 4-5 years of experience can get INR 15-17 lakhs per year and 10+ years can get you INR 25-30 lakhs per year or even more. Similarly, a Project Manager in the Engineering sector can make about 10-20% more than IT sector. The pay scales also depend on the type and size of projects being managed and vice versa. The certified ones earn upto 20% more than the non-certified ones .

4. How can I get PMP certification?

It is easy to apply for a PMP certification but to achieve it is a fairly difficult task. You can apply directly or buy a PMP Certification Course from a trusted source like Shine Learning portal. It is advantageous to buy a course since it helps clear the exam with consolidated study material, classes and mentorship, mock exams and so on. However, clearing the exam conducted by Project Management Institute only will get you the certification.

5. What industries hire Project Manager?

Almost every industry hires Project Managers to take care of their various projects. Depending on the industry and project, the profile of a Project Manager may also be called by different names like Construction Manager - Construction, Product Development Manager, Campaign Manager - Marketing, Art Director - Game Development and Animated Films, etc. Specialized project managers are also hired on short-term and project based contracts in many industries where such requirements are uncommon

How PMP training is beneficial for your career growth?

PMP® is the top level and popular Project Management Certification across the world. The Certification is based on the project management best practice guidance publication Project management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) by Project Management Institute (PMI). PMP® is considered as moderate too difficult to pass as it cover vast topics under the syllabus based on PMBOK and demanding candidate to prove this expertise in applying concepts from PMBOK in real case scenarios. PMP Training program is uniquely designed to clear your PMP certification exam in the first try. The Case Study based training approach ensures the best Trainer – Applicant engagement, imparting PMP® concept in detail.


The training program offers you the following benefits:

    Our PMP certification training makes you show your excellence in the project and you can meet the requirements of global project management clients. Being globally accepted, there is a lot of craze for PMP certification and we, TripCons provides the best PMP Training that makes you speak global language of project management.

    It is proved in PMI Project Management Salary Survey (Ninth Edition) that a PMP certified professional gets 20% salary more than an uncertified person. If you are looking to get a job in a top company, they will prefer a PMP certified candidate to uncertified one. At TripCons, we train people in the way that they will have 85% chances to get a job over other PMP uncertified candidates. Also, the people who had taken the project management professional course by our professional trainers are seeing 15 – 20% hike in their salaries.

    The name of the course ‘PMP certification training’ itself says that the course is all about project management. At TripCons, our trainers will make you a better project manager by Online PMP Course training in a different approach with various techniques of project management.

    Develop a complete understanding of the project goals, purposes and benefits before promising significant resources. This ensures that only the projects which are expected to offer benefits exceeding the investment of time and money are introduced. Implement a systematic process to manage changes to the project scope or objectives. This reduces the risks associated with change to the end-product or to the benefits for the sponsors.


    Our project management course makes you an expert and enhances your project management skills. You will also learn to complete your project within the deadlines efficiently and so you will get the appreciation from your seniors and there is also a chance to get your much-awaited promotion. The TripCons team of PMP trainer helps you learn many unknown techniques and make sure you can impress your seniors with them.

    Even a small company gets tons of CVs every day and it would be hard for them to choose the best among them and then PMP certification helps you. PMP certification shows that you are interested in learning project management skills and how passionate you are to get your dream job. Here, at TripCons, we will make your learn necessary project management skills and makes you achieve your dream job.

    A strong professional network is a stepping stone for your career development. By joining our project management professional course online, you can have new connections with other PMP-certified professionals which will make you form a strong professional network in no time.

Audience :
This is an essential professional requirement for senior project manager roles across all industries. The training program is best suited for:

  • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

  • Associate/Assistant Project Managers

  • IT Project Managers

  • Product Managers

  • Program Managers

  • Project Analysts

  • Project Coordinators

  • Project Executives/Project Engineers

  • Project Leaders

  • Project Managers

  • Project Sponsors

  • Project Team Members seeking PMP® or CAPM® certification.

  • Senior Project Managers

  • Software Developers

  • Team Leaders

  • Team Leads/Team Managers

Benefits of Training with us :

  • 1 year Free Post Training Support for queries and application via WhatsApp group

  • Free 8 sets of Question Bank consisting of 200 Questions in each, given as PDF 

  • Student package consisting of PDF format guides and slides 

  • More value added benefits for same fees

  • Batch size limited to max 15 for individual attention and response to queries

  • I conduct training where you get 1 to 1 attention in real time when required.
    Cheap mass based webinars waste your time and money, where you end up listening
    one way with very little chance to get your queries answered or attention !

  • I have developed a study strategy wherein all my students have passed in the real test one attempt !

  • For real testimonials at my profile click here 

Eligibility Criteria :


The candidate should possess a 4-year degree (Bachelors Degree or the Global equivalent) and a minimum 3 years of Project experience, during which 4,500 hours (2.5 years) are spent in leading and directing projects and 35 hours of Project Management Education.



The candidate should possess a secondary degree (High School Diploma, Associates Degree, or Global equivalent) with 5 years of unique non-overlapping professional project experience, during which at least 7500 hours are spent in leading and directing the projects and 35 hours of project management education.

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