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You have seen my video, Now don't waste time. Become planning engineer and be advanced job ready for future !

Primavera P6 (Ver 22.12)

You are at the right place and time if you want to master Primavera P6

The businesses have recovered from Covid-19 and are looking for fully trained professionals. Everyone is trying to fit into the upcoming vacancies however the expectations have changed all over the world as the world is moving towards greater automation of business  processes post Covid-19 to cut down costs and time to deliver. So you need to be ready with enhanced value added skills as an engineer. So adding Primavera proficiency adds lifelong professional value. We add the proficiency to your skills set.




"People have wasted several months of the valuable professional time and LOST possible job opportunities over several months on video based trainings which never get completed !!

You need an able professional to hold your hand and take your learning to a point where you have the capability to plan and manage an entire project and continue to learn on your own !"

Become Planning Engineer and take your career to the next level !
Primavera P6 V 21.12  can boost your career to the next level  as it is an on-demand skill. Moreover learning Primavera at times like these when opportunities are opening up post Covid, not only will you save your job but could also get the promotion or increment in salary which was a distant dream during the pandemic times.


Top 8 Reasons you need Live Online training to learn Primavera P6 


1.     Your degree gets you a job but progress (position & monetary) in career comes only from
         new skills that you learn !
2.     Primavera was released in 1983 is having a lot of hidden details which can't be understood with
         the help of a simple video or book. You need you need hand holding and custom answers ! 
3.     Primavera requires expertise to teach & use and mistakes in usage could lead to big losses for
         you and your company
4.     Primavera skill is very lucrative and can augment your salary by 25%, for the job seekers it can
         help land you a job.
5.     On Indian Job Portal Naukri dot com there are 2800+ job openings anytime for Primavera skilled
6.     Primavera can help simplify your advancement to a Planning Project Manager's role from
         just an ordinary engineer.
7.     Primavera has to be learnt as per the Project Management life cycle processes in PMBOK for
         best control over projects.
8.     Your boss is responsible for HIS business and you are responsible for YOUR career !

See for yourself the teaching style in this 11 hours video from live classes
Video Link:


Key Features

1.   3 days X 8 hrs = 24 Hours world class online training by International  Trainer
      via  Zoom.

2.  MAX batch size 6 trainees for great personal attention and hand holding.
3.  FREE Latest Software P6 v21.12 Official non expiry full featured for single user
      installed on your laptop/PC before the training.
4.  Illustrated Slides, Official manual, interview key questions, hang outs etc.
5. Training Recording for re-cap
6. Post training life time trouble shooting support via Telegram group ("P6 Help @ Tripcons")

7. Primavera Sure shot Interview Questions !

Which our overpriced competitors don't provide.

What are you waiting for?
Enroll before your anybody else does. Hurry limited slots
Max 6 per batch for personal attention !
The trainer teaches from the trainee's screen by rotation every 1 hour.  

If you are interested DM me at WhatsApp : +919891793226  or
or email at

Every weekend, duration 3 days (Fri, Sat & Sun)

10:00 am to 7:00 pm Indian Standard Tim(GMT +5:30)

The schedule is inclusive of two tea breaks and one lunch break.

  1.     7,   8,   9 June 2024

  2.    14, 15, 16 June 2024

  3.    21, 22, 23 June 2024

  4.    28, 29, 30 June 2024

  5.     5,   6,   7 July  2024

 Daily Schedule => 10:00 am to 7:00 pm IST (GMT +5:30)

Act fast, book your slot (max 6 trainees per batch) !



































About Primavera 
Primavera is an enterprise project portfolio management software.  It includes project management, product management, collaboration  and control capabilities and integrates with other enterprise software such as Oracle and SAP’s ERP systems. Primavera was launched in 1983 by Primavera Systems Inc. and was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2008.

Advantages of Primavera P6 Software

Primavera P6 is amazing software, which is used not just by planners, but  also managers,  engineers, schedulers, and anyone else involved in planning,  management, execution, tracking and reporting of  a project. Primavera P6 has benefited every industry from aerospace to manufacturing,  electronics to IT, Telecom to Civil, any more.


The benefits of using Primavera P6 software include:

  1.  It reduces the risk of schedule overrun.

  2. It reduces the risk of cost overrun.

  3. It helps easily plan and manage project activities.

  4. It optimizes management of all resources.

  5. It gives clear visibility of what’s going on in the project.

  6. It allows quick and easy forecasting of WBS’s, activities or projects.

  7. You can keep track of progress and view past period performance for
    reporting purposes.

  8. Use of Primavera P6 by companies worldwide allows better
    communication between each other. Furthermore creating, management,
    and understanding of schedule, costs information becomes simpler.

  9. Helps you easily breakdown projects’ and activities’ structure.

  10. It allows easy collaboration between all projects users 

Career Opportunities

Due to worldwide use of Primavera P6 software and demand of its expert users, there is huge number of vacancies available for those who know the use of Primavera P6 software.


Global Benefits of Using Primavera P6

According to statistics, more than 375 of 400 top engineering companies in the USA use and benefit from Primavera P6 software. In addition to these all military and federal agencies also use Primavera P6.


From the above, one can easily conclude the benefits of Primavera P6 software. Primavera P6 is an amazing project management application that is used worldwide and which helps in planning, managing and controlling project costs, activities, resources, effectively and easily. There are many institutes worldwide that offer Primavera P6 training. No matter which field you belong to, it is good to sit in a Primavera P6 course and practice it. Once you've obtained Primavera P6 training, you may easily find better career opportunities, you may be offered better position in your company, and your salary may be raised.

Training Topics (Basics to Advanced)

  • Introduction to project management

  • Setup of software system setting etc.

  • Log in

  • Describe enterprise and project-specific data

  • Open an existing project

  • Navigate in the Home window and Activities window

  • Open an existing layout

  • Customize a layout

  • Save a layout

  • Calendars - defining hourly, daily, weekly calendar

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Defining the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)

  • Defining Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)

  • Defining the Project Structure under the EPS

  • Define and Setup Calendar 

  • Application of Global change

  • Activities - Definition, sequencing & Estimating duration

  • Effectively using the four types of PDM relationship

  • Scheduling the project

  • Global Change

  • Defining constraints & overcoming conflicts

  • Defining & Assigning activity codes

  • Defining & assigning WBS codes

  • How to organize the activities by using activity Codes &
    WBS codes

  • Activity Types 

  • Constraints

  • Filtering activities

  • Defining and assigning Work products and Documents

  • Changing currency setting

  • Defining Roles

  • Defining Resources

  • Assigning by Roles

  • Assigning by Resources

  • Estimating the cost of the project

  • How to analyze the resource by using resource profile & resource table

  • Defining project codes and resource codes

  • Practice Project

  • How to do resource leveling

  • Baselining

  • Updating the project progress & comparing the actual progress with baseline

  • Analyzing earned value management

  • Preparing different types of tabular reports according to the industrial needs

  • Preparing Customized and Graphical reports

  • Highlighting the progress in the Gantt chart

  • Import Export Data

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