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What's New In Oracle Primavera P6 PPM Version 19.12

1 Introduction Oracle Primavera P6 Version 19 was released in December 2018 and introduced a few new functions, including:

2 Dissolve Activities with Lag using Retain Lag

This function was new to P6 Version 19 and introduced the ability to retain lag when dissolving activities. When Retain Lag is selected from the User Preferences, Calculations tab then the dissolved activities predecessor and successor lags are be added to the new relationship: Before Dissolving Activity 2:

After Dissolving Activity 2 in P6 Version 19 without Retain Lag checked or in earlier versions of P6:

After Dissolving Activity 2 in P6 Version 19 with Retain Lag checked:

NOTE: The predecessor and successor lags are added together. 3 Project Code Maximum Length Increase P6 Version 19 increased the maximum length in PPM databases for Project Codes to 60 characters.

4 Details, User Defined Fields tab P6 Version 19 added a new Details, User Defined Fields tab, similar to the Codes tab, displaying the assigned User Defined Fields (UDFs). It is available in the following windows: Projects, WBS, Activities, Resource Assignments, Project Expenses, Issues, and Work Products, Risks and Documents. The user must add the UDF Field to t

  • The User Defined Fields tab by clicking on the Customize User Defined Fields button.

  • The displayed UDF Fields are saved as part of the View, thus the user will not automatically see which UDFs a data item such as a Project or Activity are being utilized..

  • The picture below shows that the activity has been assigned a Parts Availability date but this is not displayed in the User Defined Fields tab as this UDF field has not been added by clicking on the Customize User Defined Fields button.

  • The Hide empty rows will hide any blank UDF fields, so the Deadline line in the picture below would be hidden if the Hide empty rows was checked.

5 Data Date Default for Apply Actuals P6 Version 19 allows project to use their own Data Date when applying actuals. In earlier versions all projects were set to the same Data Date.

6 Allow or Restrict Access t

Resources from Multiple Parent Resources

Earlier versions only allowed one resource or resource node to be assigned to a user. P6 Version 19 introduced the ability to allow a user to be assigned up to five resources or resource nodes whendefining resource access. A user may view and assign the selected resources and the child resources from resources assigned here:

7 Activity Details, Task tab Tasks are a new function in P6 Version 19 allowing users to allow users to VIEW ONLY Tasks created in Primavera Cloud when a project integrated from Primavera Cloud to an EPPM database. Tasks are a function is Primavera Cloud where an activity may be broken down into Tasks which do not drive dates but allow a further granulation of an activity in to more detailed work, but they are different to Steps.

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